Location Information – Cardross

The Cardross training site is located at Cairniedrouth Farm, however...

…the build site is closer to the postcode for High Auchensail Farm which you pass as you drive from Cardross up the hill to the site. Enter G82 5HN into your SatNavs, but be prepared to turn up the dirt road at the sign for HIGH AUCHENSAIL FARM (see pictures below). Note: This new dirt road is not marked on Google or Apple maps and is suitable for normal cars but be careful with low-clearance sports cars.

General Directions

From Glasgow, make your way towards Dumbarton on the A82. Before Dumbarton (at Milton), turn onto the A814 and drive through Dumbarton to Cardross.

Directions from Cardross – (Corner of A814 and Darleith Road) to meeting place

Darleith Road has a green triangle of grass at the junction of the A814, so it is easy to identify. Drive up Darleith Road, for almost exactly a mile until you see the sign for High Auchensail Farm on your right.

Continue straight up the dirt road for approx. 1/2 mile. It will bear to the right and you will see the van past the trees to the left of the power pylons.


Generally, the Saturday will run from 9 am until 3-4pm. The Sunday will end a little earlier, for those with longer travel plans.


There are no difficult hills or walks to access the wall. It runs along the gravel road. Park off the road as far as you can as it is used by farm vehicles at all hours.

Local Accommodations

We don't have any recommendations for accommodation in Cardross. Try Cardross, Helensburgh and Dumbarton - which are all very close to the site.